Lizzie and family

Lizzie is a rescue dog and has been a member of our family for about four years now. She had been badly treated and had to be brought out of herself in order for her to trust us, she held her head down and didn’t trust us to start with but with gentle care and patience she is now a healthy happy dog and we are her world as she is ours. I have made her a centre of this blog but it will revolve around us her family as well. I hope to offer lots of dog related information as well as fun things. This is an new blog and I have lots to learn but hope you can have pFeatured imageatience

Lizzie Loves her food and has trialed a few dog foods. Her favourite snack however is treats we make ourselves. There a quite few books out there which have dog snack recipes and I intend to try a few out and share my findings with you. If you have any treats you make yourself and would like to share,Please feel welcome to do so in the comments.

Featured image

In this section I will look for and show pet gadgets and accessory bargains I find . In the picture is a dog cam I only paid a few pounds for .I havent tried it yet but I think it will be fun. I will show you the video once i work out how to use it!

Featured image


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